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Airflow Panels

"Hot spots" Are a Major Headache for IT and Data Centre Managers

While a major headache, it is a problem that can be solvedHot Spots are not caused by inadequate cooling capacity or high heat densities and it is not as simple as turning up the air conditioning as cooling overcapacity is not a predictor of successful cooling. Traditionally, the response to increase in temperature has been to install more cooling. However, not only is it mostly ineffective, new cooling equipment is expensive, often takes months to install and the construction work required can increase the risk of unintended downtime.

Excessive "Bypass Airflow" Is the Underlying Problem & Already Present in Most Computer Rooms

The primary cooling problem in computer rooms is inadequate air distribution, not a lack of thermal cooling capacity or excessive heat load. Cooling units have to remain running in order to compensate for bypass airflow. Perhaps the most astonishing finding is that 60 per cent of all cooled air  produced by the air conditioning units never reaches the computer equipment, but is in fact bypassing the equipment entirely, which results in partial or complete failure of the overall engineered cooling process.  By reducing bypass airflow to 10% or less, a significant counter intuitive cooling quality will result with significant savings.

This problem is labeled as 'bypass airflow' and is a major contributor to computer room hot spots. It is defined as conditioned air that is short-cycled or not getting directly to computer Equipment.   Intermittent and outright hardware failures are three times more common in the top third of server racks than in the bottom two-thirds.  The cooled air can escape as a result of misplaced, inadequate perforated tiles, or through cable cutouts, and surprisingly, even through holes in the computer room's perimeter walls. 

"Hot Spot Solution"

Our High Density Airflow Panel System is the ideal solution. High Density Airflow Panels offer between 56% to 65% airflow; delivering 2-3 times more CFM than industry standard perforated airflow panels. This heavy duty, steel, airflow panel features between 1500 to 3000 lbs. load rating, a hardened textured finish, built in actuating frame levelers and integrated panel handles. Triad's Fit-All design will fit into most existing raised access floor systems providing the most flexible and low maintenance raised access floor system in the industry.