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CamassCrete Low-Profile

CS1000A/CS1000W Series


CS1000A - Super Low Profile-Installation height from 1.57"-2.36"

CS1000W - Low Profile - Installation Height from 3"-6"

CamassCrete System
is a low profile cable management access floor system utilizing  bare steel panels with a concrete core, half the weight of conventional access floors, creating a tradition 2’ by 2’ grid pattern with built-in flexible and fully accessible cable trenches.     Each panel is self standing supported by 4 built in pedestals which adjust to minor subfloor variations. 

Coverings: The systems are suitable for bonding by a variety of commercial grade modular carpet tiles and vinyl tiles no less than 4.5 mm (0.177”) thick.

Each UniPanel (main panel) is supported by four built in pedestals at four corners of the panel body, self standing and independent.

Main Components: 

UniPanel (main panel): self-standing, with 4 built-in pedestals at four corners, four ditches at four side of main panel for position by the Flank Cap.
Dimension: 510 x 510 X 28 mm (20.07" x 20.07" X 1.11")
Galvanized steel, special firm riveted process, top plate and bottom plate fully riveted, without punch out at the riveted point, to support panel body strength.
Pedestal set:
galvanized steel pedestal topped with socket-set to firmly insert onto main panel's four corners.
Base Connector:
Dimension: 180 X 180 X 7 mm ( 7.08" x 7.08" X 0.275")Square base connector with 4 upward round (7 mm high) receptacles at corner to connect pedestals. Rigid foam-pads adhered at bottom of the receptacle holes. Mad of galvanized steel or steel with electro deposition.
Cable Trench Caps
Steel, corrosion resistance by electro-deposition steel, corrosion resistance by electro-deposition
Central Cap:
Dimension: 170 X 170 X 8 mm (6.69" X 6.69" X 0.315"), X-shape reinforced ribs at center of cap
Flank Cap: Dimension: 210 X 124 X 7 mm (8.26" x 4.88" X 0.275"), reinforced ribs, strengthening by 6 mm bend at four sides. The 210 mm longer sides bend protected by rigid vinyl stripe.
Service Outlet Service Boxes: Install at the Cable Trenches  using the 60 mm height and higher. Netfloor Outlet service box SE603 Installed at the Cable Trench by replacing one Flank Cap. SE603 Accommodates 2 power sockets and 3 data JACKS



Total Height

Cable Trench Clearance

Cable Trench Inside Width


100 mm


95 mm


110 mm



75 mm


70 mm


110 mm



50 mm


45 mm


110 mm



40 mm


35 mm


110 mm


An environment-friendly low-profile cable management access floor system. The system, when assembled, shall be automatically formed grid-pattern cable trenches. Cable trenches' opening shall be width 90 mm within every 600 mm. The system shall be installed non-glued to the sub-floors.

Module set: 600 x 600 mm (23.62" x 23.62")
One module set = 1 UniPanel (main panel)+1 Base Connector+1 Central Cap+4 Flank Cap
Cable Trench opening width: 90 mm (3.54")
Cable Trench inside width: min. 110 mm (4.33")

Flammability: All steel system, non-combustible. Meet B S476 part 4.

Loading Property: in accordance with ASTM E-196

Concentration Load of UniPanel:
300 kg < 2.5 mm depression (1" square indenter)
Concentration ultimate load: greater than 900 kg (1,980 LB)
Uniform Distribution Load
of UniPanel:
Ultimate uniform load > 40 psi (>274 kN)

Environment Protection
         Re-usable: In the event of re-location, 100% components are re-usable
         Recyclable: Components are 100 percent recyclable

Quality assurance: All Camass systems are made of first grade materials. Use of second grade materials are prohibited

Warranty: 5 years limited warranty

In pursuing quality improvement, the manufacturer reserves the right to vary specifications without prior notice


Not Your Standard Carpet Tiles

If you wanted to improve the look of the standard gray-speckled, industrial finish on most raised floor, your only real option up until now has been carpet. But carpet wears out quickly, gets matted down, gets dirty and stained, and can contribute to sick building syndrome.

Our new products are thicker than other floor finishes to withstand the daily assault of commercial use. They are surprisingly flexible and resilient, which contributes to their longevity and utility. And many of them have built-in anti static qualities to ensure your electrical equipment stays safe (and keeps your hair in place!).

For building owners and operators,  new floor coverings combine the utility of access floor with a fit and finish that was simply unavailable until now. For designers and architects, our new products remove barriers to your design and strengthen the marriage between form and function.

Low-Profile-Alder-thumb Low-Profile-Earth-Terrace-thumb Low-Profile-Leaf-Terrace-thumb
Alder Earth-Terrace Leaf-Terrace



Oak Smoke-Terrace



 UniPanels are self-standing (supported by 4 built-in pedestals), same as all major Netfloor product lines, the system is installed non-glue to the sub-floors. The unique design contributes non damage, non pollution to sub-floors.   As the floor is installed cable trenches are created in a 2’x 2’ grid pattern.

 The pedestal sets are fixed at hexagon-shape openings at four corners of the panel body. On top of the pedestal, there is a 4 mm hexagon punched hole, which provides height adjustment from top by using of hex key-wrench.