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Custom Ramps & Railings

All Systems Custom Made to Fit and Comply to ADA Codes

The final Raised Access Floor installation creates a productive and safe work environment. Especially important in designing or renovating your existing data center layout is checking your local area building codes and meeting ADA standards. As part of this consideration, we recommend confirming with your local inspector making certain to satisfy their requirements.  Keeping in mind not only the safety and security of people accessing the space, but also consider the ease of transporting equipment in and out.

Custom Designed Ramps and Railings

Ramps - Standard 1:12 slope-built with blank floor panels, swivel heads & solid 1/8” non-slip rubber tread on surface.  Select from the many colors of Johnsonite's Roundel Series solid rubber floor tiles.

Guard Rails - 2 line to 6 line using 1 7/8” OD Tubular Aluminum

Hand Rails - Sloped for ramp or wall mount using 1 ½” OD Tubular Aluminum . All railing are bolted to sub floor

Raised Access Flooring Installation

Additional Work Detail for Build Outs

  • Ramp Shoe - Aluminum - cut to order
  • Threshold - Aluminum - cut to order
  • Fascia Plate - 1/16” thick-stucco embossed 72” L  /  6” to 24” W
  • Steps - Built using floor panels materials with 1 ½” Aluminum extrusion on edge of steps

raised access floor ramps and rails