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Data Center Floor Disposal & Recovery

COMX Purchases Used Access Floor Systems

COMX will identify your floor system.  Depending on the age, manufacturer, panel construction, overall condition and square footage of the system that is deemed  re-usable, we can help you maximize return by offering to purchase the flooring system.

Timely, Efficient Removal

Our experienced crew is trained to dismantle your existing raised access flooring system, de-install, skid pack & remove from facility.  All the necessary precautions are taken from start to finish, assuring your data center floor system removal is done properly, on time, and efficiently as possible.

End of Life IT Equipment Disposal & Recovery

COMX also provides recycling of: all end of life computers, servers, peripheral equipment, under floor cabling and other data center equipment. This is done prior to the de-installation of the raised access flooring.

Contact Brent Cogan direct @ 614-985-8500 to learn more about our data center de-installation and recycling services, or send information to