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The Right Solution for Your Project


Our knowledgeable staff is committed to delivering the right solution for you Raised Access Floor project. With our many years of experience, we will consult with you through out the process, giving personalize attention in a cost effective, responsive, and timely manner
raised access floor consulting

For new Raised Floor System build-outs we offer consulting and assistance during design stage, drawings with accessibility details and expert installation.  If your need is modification or replacement, we will assist you in identifying the products you need and the accessories and parts for your job.


Turn Key:  If your requirement is new installation or build-out, from start to finish, we will assist you in your mission.  We will provide the material and installation and 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Retrofit Existing Floors:  New or Used, we assist in determining and identifying the correct panel type and color to match your existing floor using your current or new understructure.   We can provide you with all the parts and accessories to do the job yourself or have our installation team do the job for you.  

Design Floor Layouts: Our team will commission with you or your project management team providing drawings or proposal for: complete materials counts, panels, understructure, accessories, and professional installation, as well as, necessary ramps, landings, hand and guard railings conforming to ADA accessibility guidelines and local codes. 

Demolition Services:  We offer de-installation and disposal services of existing access flooring systems, conforming to local, state and EPA regulations, if materials are deemed scrap.  If there is a determined residual value,  depending on the age of the floor system, manufacturer, panel construction, overall condition and square footage, we may offer to buy the floor system.

Miscellaneous Services & Products for Your Installation Project:

  • Material Handling
  • Ramps, Steps, Railings
  • Electrical & Cable Cutouts/Trim
  • Panel Lifters
  • Fascia
  • Koldlock Grommets
  • Electrical Box
  • Trim Edges