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Eco Series Low Profile

Series CA600R, CA50R, CA400R


Eco System is a low profile, environmentally friendly cable management access floor system, utilizing high strength polypropylene panels, creating a traditional 2’ by 2’ grid pattern with built-in flexible, fully accessible cable trenches.  

Each panel is composed of 16 sub-panel, 64 built in pedestals, self standing and has 10 times higher uniform loading rating than traditional raised access floor.    

 Coverings:  This system readily accepts a variety of floor coverings such as carpet and more. Widely used in commercial and public spaces such as: office, retail, schools, call centers and more.

Main Components:

The UniPanel is composed of 16 sub-panels, 64 built-in-pedestals, self-standing and has 10 times higher Uniform Loading rating than traditional raised access floor.:
made of fire retard, recycled polypropylene

CA611R: size 510 x 510 x 60 mm (20.08" x 20.08" x 2.36")
CA511R: size 510 x 510 x 50 mm (20.08" x 20.08" x 1.97")
CA411R: size 510 x 510 x 40 mm (20.08" x 20.08" x 1.57")

Base Connector: 4-way Base Connector to connect corner pedestals of the UniPanel, to automatically form grid-patter of Cable Trenches

Size 169 mm X 169 mm X 15 mm (6.65" X 6.65" X 0.59")Made of recycled polycarbonate plus ABS
Central Cap:
Size 148 mm X 148 mm (5.82" X 5.82")2.3 mm (0.09") thick steel, re-enforced ribs corrosion resistance treatment by electro-deposition, black
Flank Cap:
Size 223 mm X 119.7 mm (8.78" X 4.71")2.3 mm (0.09") thick steel, re-enforced ribs corrosion resistance treatment by electro-deposition, black
*Central Caps and Flank Caps are fully accessible, and inter-changeable. Users can lift the caps easily wihtout using special tools
Sound Attenuation Blanket:
2.0 mm (0.08") thickness






Base Connector  Central Cap  Flank Cap

Accessories: Ramp, Starting Cap, Edge Rail, Alum. Ramp Rail, Alum. Free Standing, Exit-Cap, Edge Trimmer, etc., to support quick and efficient installation at perimeters

Surface floor covering: on top of ECO series Commercial carpet tile: such as Milliken, Interface, Burmatex, … Commercial rate vinyl tile: thickness > 4.0 mm Hard floorings such as marble, granite, wood, are not suitable for installation on top of ECO series system.

In pursuing quality improvement, the manufacturer reserves the right to vary specifications without prior notice


Module: 600 mm x 600 mm (24" x 24")






60 mm (2.36")

50 mm (1.97")

40 mm (1.57")

Cable Trench width

90 mm (3.54")

90 mm (3.54")

90 mm (3.54")

Cable Trench Clearance

55 mm (2.16")

45 mm (1.77")

35 mm (1.37")

System Weight

14.5 kg/m2

14.0 kg/m2

13.5 kg/m2

ECO series consists of UniPanel (main panel), Base Connector, Central Cap, Flank Cap, Ramp, Sound Attenuation Blanket and all necessary accessories. System when assembly are suitable for used in general office buildings and schools, except areas designed for fire escapes or lifts


Not Your Standard Carpet Tiles

If you wanted to improve the look of the standard gray-speckled, industrial finish on most raised floor, your only real option up until now has been carpet. But carpet wears out quickly, gets matted down, gets dirty and stained, and can contribute to sick building syndrome.

Our new products are thicker than other floor finishes to withstand the daily assault of commercial use. They are surprisingly flexible and resilient, which contributes to their longevity and utility. And many of them have built-in anti static qualities to ensure your electrical equipment stays safe (and keeps your hair in place!).

For building owners and operators,  new floor coverings combine the utility of access floor with a fit and finish that was simply unavailable until now. For designers and architects, our new products remove barriers to your design and strengthen the marriage between form and function.

Low-Profile-Alder-thumb Low-Profile-Earth-Terrace-thumb Low-Profile-Leaf-Terrace-thumb
Alder Earth-Terrace Leaf-Terrace



Oak Smoke-Terrace



Interlocking configuration, low labor costs
The system consists 4 main components: UniPanel (main panel), Base Connector, Central Cap, and Flank Cap.
During installation, UniPanels are connected by Base Connectors, which automatically forms 90 mm wide, grid-pattern Cable Trenches. Steel Cable Trench Caps (Central Cap and Flank Cap) are easily installed, by hand, to cover the Cable Trenches. The Cable Trench Caps are designed to seat firmly on UniPanel, and protect cables running inside the Cable Trenches that can be easily removed for complete accessibility.

All main components, UniPanel, Cable Trench Cap, Base Connector are interchangeable
Eco Series Low Profile Installation