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Hollow Steel Access Floor Systems


The COMX Hollow Steel Panel System uses the same welded steel technology found in the Concrete Panels. With its high strength and light weight, the Hollow Steel Panel is the product of choice for many computer room applications. This panel has the ability to interchange with the concrete panels, allowing for ultimate flexibility in flooring design. Panel systems are available in both 24” x 24” and 600mm x 600mm.

Lightweight - Strong - Great Price

The All-Steel Panel has a very high strength to weight ratio. This is the choice for most computer rooms where constant change means repeated removal of panels. This panel is not as quiet underfoot as the Cement Series but this product is the choice for computer comfort.


  • Class A Flame Spread Rating
  •  Internally Grounded
  •  Strong
  •  Light Weight
  •  3 Different ratings


Panel Performance Guide – COMX Hollow Steel Access Floor Panel

COMX Hollow Steel Raised Access Flooring Performance Guide

Ultimate Load Capacity

The point of failure or collapse is the single most
important indicator of performance. Be sure to
look at ultimate load when selecting an access
floor panel for your application.


High Pressure Laminate - HPL - Color Selection

COMX has a variety of high pressure laminate surfaces to choose from.
The most common are listed below.


Used in the following Applications

      ●   Computer Room
           Lightweight says is all!  These panels are
           easy to handle making those day to day
           changes within your data centers extremely easy.