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Low Profile Cable Management

Introducing: Netfloor's Low Profile Cable Management
Raised Access Floor Systems

Efficient Cost Effective Solution for Cable
Extension and Connection

>Low Profile Traditional Grid Design                                                                                                                            
>Lightweight Resilient Panels                                                                                                                          
>High Strength
>Fully Accessible Cable Trenches
>User Friendly
>Environment Friendly
>Stable and Safe
>Adapts to Spaces with Low Ceilings
>Seismic Zone Approved

Netfloor is a leading provider of low profile cable management raised access floor systems offering a wide range of heights and application flexibility.   Environmentally and user-friendly low, NetFloor utilizing a conventional access floor 2’ X 2” grid pattern with  easily accessible cable trenches for routing and extensions for power, voice and data cables.

The System Components:
System is composed of four main components:  (1) UniPanel (2) Base Connector connects (3) Central Cap (4) Flank Cap

Reticulated Cable Trenches:
Grid-pattern cable trench system provides systematic, easy routing, and extension of cables. Trench Caps cover the Cable Trenches installed before or after routing of cables.         Super Low Profile Access Flooring                                                                                

Safe and Convenient:
Half the weight of conventional access floors, UniPanels are self-standing. Lifting or replacing of trench caps are safe, convenient and without resorting to special tools.

Installation - Redeployment:
The system is easily configured to any room layout and simple and fast to install.  It can easily be reconfigured when room layout or cabling needs change. Pedestals are no-glue to sub-floors. Relocation or re-layout cost is minimum. 

Cable Extension and Connection:
System provides the most convenient options to cable distribution, extension and connection. The connection may be made by extension through the cable trenches directly, or by the utility floor box installed at the cable trenches or the Outlet-Panel

Ramps and Skirting:
Ramps are custom made and sloped to 1:12.  Skirting is "F" shaped aluminum and comes in standard heights 4, 5, 6, 7,.6 and 10cm.  Aluminum ramp railing is available and runs horizontally at adjacent line of UniPanel and ramp.

Low Profile Cable Management Products