Non-Magnetic Access Floor Systems

Metal access floor panels found in MRI magnet rooms are no longer allowed to be used due to new cable routing requirements that some MRI vendors have implemented.

Micro-Mesh® grating panels and non-magnetic pedestals should be the first choice for customers or architects requiring MRI cable routing via flush or surface mounted access flooring. COMX offers a completely non-magnetic system.

Micro-Mesh® panels and pedestal systems provide a solid top Micro-Mesh® panel covered with a high pressure floor laminate and nonmagnetic grating pedestals to more completely meet the needs of this new and demanding application. Pedestals are manufactured using Stainless Steel 316 nuts in the composite head and fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) rod for adjustability.

Composite Structures is the originator of molded fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) grating. With 30 years of experience,  COMX  continues to lead the industry in innovative products and has the ability to provide customized solutions to address unique issues for our customers.

Surface Resistance

When tested according to the procedure outlined in NFPA 99, the high pressure floor laminate used to cover the Micro-Mesh grating panel has a maximum resistance of 20,000 megaohms measured between the laminate surface and an applicable ground reference. (Typical Values: 11,000-12,000 Megaohms)

The Quad Head Pedestals can be located anywhere within the Micro-Mesh® panel or to join two or four panels as shown.

*Pedestals as short as 3.5" are available on request. Contact COMX for details.

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