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Raised Access Floor Care and Maintenance

The COMX Product you have chosen to install are of quality construction and, provided these care and maintenance instructions are followed, your floor panels will retain their appearance for many years to come.

1.  Before and during installation be sure the floor area is clean and kept free of dust, water and abrasives. These
panels are manufactured to close tolerances, and all of these substances can cause future problems.

2.  Maintain temperature between 60 degrees F and 80 F before,during and after installation with relative humidity
of 40% to 60%. Allow materials to stabilize at recommended temperature for 24 hours before installation.
Avoid extreme changes in temperature and humidity. These are the recommended conditions to properly
preserve the panels, and conform to requirements of computer manufactures.

3.  The general contractor and/or owner shall provide a level concrete sub—floor that is clean,dry,free from any
dust, dirt or release compound.If concrete has been sealed,a spot check should be made to determine whether
the sealer should be scuffed and/or removed before applying the pedestal adhesive.Pedestals should be free of
oily residue.

4.  After installation, remind the general contractor and/or facilities manager when equipment is being installed
and/or moved, to protect the panels from dynamic load damage by covering them with minimum of 3/4"plywood. This will evenly distribute the weight and prevent marring and gouging of the covering.

5.  The general contractor and/or owner shall protect the finished access floor from damage and misuse by
providing and applying 1/8" tempered hardboard in traffic areas with 20 pound Kraft paper sealed to prevent tearing in all other areas.

6.  Prior to allowing other trades on the access floor ,the general contractor and/or owner shall accept the floor

7.  When replacing or removing panels after initial installations extreme care must be taken not to chip or damage
the edging. The tapered edging has been designed to allow easy removal and installation with the proper tools.
Do not handle without using the special lifter. Do not drop or kick panels into position. FORCE MUST NOT 

8.  Rest heavy equipment on pads 5"x 5"(wood/steel) to distribute point loading. Install additional pedestals
where required under panels wherever heavy equipment is resting on floor and/or under cut panels.

9.  When installing cable,no more than 5 panels or-approximately 10 feet should be removed at one time to avoid
misalignment of the floor when reinstalling. This applies to all types of understructure.

10.  Caution should be exercised by the installer when pulling cable to not loosen the adjusting nuts on the pedestals
This can happen when the cables rub against the nut and sufficient friction will tend to loosen the nut.

11.  Never flood panels with water or cleaning agent. This could damage the panel and affect the electrical/
communications wiring underneath.High pressure laminate tile requires little maintenance and can be easily cleaned by dry mopping and periodically damp mopping with mild detergent when necessary. Use of strong cleaning agents, waxing,buffing,or refinishing is not needed.Under normal environmental conditions do not clean floor surface with steel wool,nylon pads, or abrasives of any kind, manually or with power equipment.

If necessary, you can spot clean stubborn stains with a non—flammable organic cleaner.  But if you do, take care that
the cleaner does not get into cracks between the support panel and the laminate where it could adversely affect the bond.

Do not clean with a mop saturated with oils or chemicals. A film on the floor will affect performance.

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