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Raised Floor Accessories

COMX Offers All Flooring Accessories to Finish Out and Maintain Your Flooring System

Koldlok Grommets

KoldLok® Grommets prevent costly bypass airflow, reduce hotspots, and improve the Power Usage Effectiveness of your data center. Immediately increase the efficiency of your entire cooling system with this simple solution that delivers quick payback and long term energy cost savings.


PolarDam Air Foam’s flexible design makes gap filling quick and inexpensive - ideal for any raised access floors.  The foam sheets are scored for easy self-sizing and conforms to any area where inserted, blocking cold air from escaping into open spaces.

-Inexpensive, easy installation and removalFoam sheets are 24” x 24” x 2”
-Sheet are scored into a perforated 1”x1” grid
-Fire retardant and meets the UL-94-HF-1 rating
-Excellent for under racks, around PDUs, gaps between racks and around pipes or conduit



Electrical Boxes

The Reason for a Floor Installed Electrical Box…


With a floor installed electrical box, all of your wiring can be organized and managed from beneath the access floor without tangles of cumbersome wires stretched across cubicles and computer centers.  This box can contain a multitude of different receptacles from regular power to phone to networking.  The options are limitless and allow you the neat environment that is essential to a productive work place.


Panel and Carpet Lifters

Heavy Duty 4" & 5” Double Cup Suction Lifter

Heavy Duty Carpet Tile Lifter


Long Handled Double Suction Cup Lifter for Raised Access Flooring 

Wall Bracket Kit for Lifters

Long Handled Suction Cup Lifter

Raised Access Floor Panel Cuts

COMX can professionally cut your panels to any size cable trim or brushed grommet size for a perfect fit.  The Cable Guard shown below not only provides physical protection for the panel edges of the tile and a nice finished look, but also prevents the dangerous fraying of cables caused by friction against a rough opening.

Raised Floor Panel Cuts
Raised Access Floor Cable Guard Cut Outs.jpg

Woodcore Access Floor Panel Straight Cut

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