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COMX provides and stocks all the Raised Access Flooring understructure required for installation, add-ons, replacements and additional load support for new and older floor systems.  We also inventory and provide consulting and recommendations for seismic zones -  understructure & engineering certification for seismic zone construction.

Complete Pedestal Assembly with Base & Head



The piece that's attached to the sub-floor by a mastic or mechanical fastener.  The base's height and pedestal head determine the finished floor height.


Flat Head
Inserts into the base and includes holes to fasten panels and stringers. There's usually a leveling to allow fine adjustments to the desired finish floor height.


A metal channel or square tube that's attached to the pedestal head that forms a grid and provides lateral stability. May either be snapped into place or fastened from the top with a screw.  Stringer are available in 2’ and 4’  lengths allowing for standard (2' x 2'), (4' x 2') or (4' x 4') installations.


Rigid Grid System

Offering great lateral support,  this system is generally used where panels are gravity held on the understructure.


Solutions for Seismic Zone Build Outs 

COMX offers the most comprehensive variety of pedestal types and solutions for low to high seismic regions . Our full line of seismic pedestals can further be strengthened by bolting them to the concrete slab for the most solid access flooring systems available.