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Today's industry standard for new installations is the Concrete Filled Panel System constructed of a welded structural steel assembly designed to accommodate ultimate and dynamic loads. Its specially formulated cementitious fill and powder coated epoxy finish give the panel a quiet and very Solid Strong Feel with High Loading Underfoot. Panel systems are available in both imperial 24” x 24” and metric 600mm x 600mm.

The COMX Cementitious Filled panel system gives a high ultimate load with increased dynamic load capabilities. Perfect for office areas as well as heavy rolling load areas. With panels from 1000-2500 pound loading, this is the most versatile system in the marketplace today.


  • Externally Grounded
  • Class A Flame Spread Rating
  • Strong  
  • Solid Feel
  • 6 Different Ratings Capacities  

Panel Performance Guide - COMX Cementitous Filled Welded Steel Panel

Ultimate Load Capacity

The point of failure or collapse is the single most
important indicator of performance. Be sure to
look at ultimate load when selecting an access
floor panel for your application.

High Pressure Laminate - HPL - Color Selection

COMX has a variety of high pressure laminate surfaces to choose from.

The most common are listed below. 

Used in the Following Applications

Computer Room
Once factory laminated with a variety of high
pressure laminates or VPT, the cement filled 
panel is perfect for those heavy rolling loads
typically applied to raised flooring in ever changing
data centers.

General Office
This panel is extremely quiet. With its powder
coated bare finish and low cost, it is always
a great choice for your general office


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