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Replacement Panels

New & Pre-Owned Raised Access Floor Panels


COMX inventories all manufactures and models of raised access floor panels and can assist you in determining your exact computer room floor system.  We can match up the exact panel replacement with New or “Grade A” used panels from the very newest floor systems to the older hard to find computer room floor tiles.

  • Concrete Filled PanelsUsed Raised Access Floor Panels
  • Hollow Steel Panels
  • Woodcore Panels
  • Cast Aluminum Panels
  • Perforated Airflow Panels
  • Older Hard to Find Panels

Each used panel is inspected for surface quality to make sure that there is no delaminating, major gauges, discoloration, cupping or oxidation of panels.  The panels are cleaned and stacked face to face on custom 2’x2’ Skid with corner protects, banding and shrink wrap.

**We handle small to large orders and recommend a sample panel for approval prior to shipment.

Panel Identification  

Need help in determining your floor system?New Computer Room Floor Tiles

We can assist you in identifying the correct panel type and color to match your existing Raised Access Floor System.

Please email (4) pictures of your Raised Access floor panel and pedestal: top of the panel, bottom, side corner and close up of your pedestal assembly to:

For immediate assistance call Brent Cogan direct @ 614-985-8500  



Common Raised Access Floor Panel Designs - Bottom Views


Used Computer Room Floor Tiles


Computer Room Floor Tiles


Used Computer Room Floor Tiles


Liskey Riased Access Flooring


Liskey Mark 30 Access Floor Panel


Liskey Computer Room Floor Tiles


Computer Room Floor Tiles - Design G


Computer Room Floor Tiles Design H


Haworth Raised Access Floor Panels


Tate Computer Room Floor Tiles


Computer Room Floor Tiles - Design K


Used Computer Room Flooring


Donn Computer Room Floor Tiles


Tate Perforated Floor Tiles


Perforated Computer Room Floor Tiles

*click on picture for close up view