Clearview Panels

1500 lbs & 2000 lbs Load Rating

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COMX’s ClearView panels are designed to provide optimal viewing of cables, meters and valves under the raised floor while providing operational ability to spot check underfloor maintenance without the need of disruption the air supply plenum.

COMX's ClearView panel features:

  • Scratch Resistant Surface
  • Virtually Unbreakable
  • Highest rating for plastic
  • Long Lasting Clarity

The 15CXLR Clear View panels are built to provide up to 1500 lbs concentrated capacities while versatile enough to be adjusted vertically or horizontally to flush mount to most Imperial 24"x24" raised floor systems regardless of age.  


The CXV200 Clear view panels are constructed with heavy duty clear polycarbonate and black welded steel frame supporting a concentrated live load of 2000 lbs.  Compatible with standard concrete filled or all steel bolted stringer Raised Access floor systems. 

Clear View Panels


Load Rating

Available Features



 1500 lbs                   

Size: 24" x 24" 
Horizontal & vertical levelers
Crystal White PowderPlate finish                   

Compatible with most new or existing raised floor systems.

CXV200 2000 lbsSize: 24"x24" Clear Polycarbonate Black Welded Steel Frame                 Compatible with Standard Concrete Filled or All Steel Bolted Stringer  Raised Access Floor Systems


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