Low-Profile Raised Access Floor Systems

The Strongest Low Profile Cable Management System

COMX Low Profile Raised Access Floor System

The COMX low profile system is perfect for retrofits or any building where low ceiling space is an issue. This system utilizes the low profile pedestal (LPP) to achieve a low profile floor system.  


  • The Strongest Low Profile Cable Management System
  • Adapts to spaces with low ceilings
  • Threaded rod allows leveling of the floor eliminating the need to level systems furniture
  • Quiet and Solid feel underfoot
  • Easy installation and disassembly
  • 24”x 24” USA Size Panels all steel welded construction
  • Concrete filled
  • Class “A” fire rating
  • Adjustable pedestals for uneven concrete floors
  • Quick-Loc pedestal provides full corner support of panels
  • Cable Management and Power Distribution Systems available configured to your requirements
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